Media, Communications, and Marketing Office

The Media, Communications, and Marketing Office serves as "the voice of the city." The office plans and implements a comprehensive communication and marketing program for Fontana, which includes the dissemination of public information to the media and community members. 

The Media and Communications staff host press conferences, write press releases and articles, and oversee content on the city's social media platforms and website. 

Press releases from the City of Fontana are available to the press and the public online under the News Flash section below. 


If you are a member of the media and would like to be added to the City of Fontana Media Contact List, please submit your request to with your name, news affiliation, and email address.

Communications Program Mission

To inform the public about the City of Fontana issues, programs, and services to enhance their awareness, interest, understanding, and engagement.

Social Media

The Media, Communications, and Marketing Office oversees the content shared on the city website and all City of Fontana social media channels. While visiting the City's social media sites, please observe the following rules of conduct found in the City of Fontana Social Media Policy's Public Terms of Use

  1. Emergency Mortgage Assistance Program

    Financial assistance is still available for Fontana homeowners who have lost income because of COVID-19 and are at risk of defaulting on mortgage payments. Assistance includes a one-time grant up to $20,000 or for up to six consecutive months. Additional Info...
  2. Join the Mayor's Youth Advisory Council

    Calling all youth leaders in Fontana: The Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council (MYAC) is looking for passionate individuals that want to get involved in the community. Applications are now available on the MYAC webpage. Additional Info...
  3. July is Park and Recreation Month

    Join us for Park and Recreation Month as we celebrate how Fontana is stronger, more vibrant, and resilient because of parks and recreation. Activities are planned for residents including Drive-In Movies, Fontana Arts, Day Camps, Fontana Walks, and more. Additional Info...
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