Fontana Walks!                                   A Program of Healthy Fontana

Upcoming Walk Events

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**All events subject to cancellation due to inclement weather/other unforeseen challenges**

  • Saturday, February 11 | 8am | Miller Park Amphitheater

    • Miller Park Amphitheater, 17004 Arrow Blvd.
  • Saturday, February 25 | 10am | Sierra Lakes | Black History Month Parade

    • Location meet up: TBD
    • Theme: "The Sounds of Music"

SparkFontana Logo

Healthy Fontana has a fitness app to help you keep active all year long! SparkFontana brings people and organizations together on a single tech platform to participate in free and fun challenSparkFontana QR codeges that encourage individual achievement with a sprinkle of friendly competition.

To join the new SparkFontana movement and track your activity, sign up on the SparkFontana page or scan the QR code. 


Give a round of applause to our top step-getters for the week of January 14 - January 20, 2023:

  • Debra W. with 121,319 steps!
  • Raj M. with 105,030 steps!

Fontana Walks Participant at Let's Move on the Trail 2021

Overall for this program year: Sivly N. & Raj M. are our top-steppers, logging in over 2.45 million steps each so far!

Don’t forget to log your steps each week, and you might be the highest stepper next time!

Submit your Steps

We have already taken close to 12 billion steps since the Fontana Walks! program started in August 2017. That’s equivalent to over 6 million miles!