Water Heater

In order to replace an existing water heater, a permit must be obtained. This can be done in person or online. 

Walk through the online permit process with Permit Aide Stacy Gonzalez in the tutorial video below.

  1. Online
  2. In Person

Permits can be requested via the City's eTRAKiT portal.  

Determine who is applying for the permit:

Permit Type Information

After logging into the account, select "Apply for a New Permit."

  • Select "Water Heater" as the Permit Type
  • Select the Permit SubType:
    • S-FAM Residential - typical for a single family home.
    • M-FAM Residential - typical for a multi-unit location such as a duplex, or apartment.
  • Short Description: Enter a description of the work to be completed.

Additional Information

  1. No. of Water Heaters: Enter the number of water heaters to be replaced.
  2. Type of Heater: Select the type of heater you are installing.
  3. How Many Gallons: Enter the water heater capacity. 
  4. Location of Heater: The area the heater will be installed.  Example: garage. 
  5. Energy Form Attached: Attach two CFR1 forms (see attachments below) with the application.  Indicate yes/no if the form is attached. If the forms are not attached, the permit will be delayed and staff will reach out requesting the forms. 
  6. Added Info or Comments: Additional information you would like to communicate.
  7. Paying Online: If you plan on paying online select yes; note a convenience fee will apply.  Select No if visiting our office to make a payment. 
  8. Online Approval
    1. Yes - Approval is given to process the permit in place of a wet signature.
    2. No -  Applicant will visit the office to sign permit.


Location - Enter the street number and street name but do not use abbreviations like ave., st., blvd. Example: 8353 Sierra 

  1. Click Search
  2. Select the address point that matches the address. 

Your Relation to this Permit

Check the appropriate box in relation to the permit:

  1. Property Owner - If you own the property.
  2. Contractor - If you were hired by the property owner to perform the job.

Note: Permits are only available to the registered homeowner or a licensed contractor. 


Attach the following:


After submitting the application, it will be reviewed for completion.  If the application is missing information, a staff person will reach out to request additional information. 


Once approved an email with instructions for payment will be sent. 

Note: Online payment available if elected.

Permit Issuance

After paying the permit, it will be emailed if electronic signature was elected; otherwise the permit will be issued by coming to Building and Safety. 


Upon completion of work, schedule an inspection online via eTRAKiT or contact Building and Safety at (909) 350-7640. You must provide the inspector with a completed CFR2 form at the time of inspection. 

Building and Safety
8353 Sierra Avenue
Fontana, CA 92335

Phone: (909) 350-7640 Fax: (909) 350-7676
Monday - Thursday
8 a.m. - 6 p.m.
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