Fontana Kindness Campaign

Fontana Kindness logo

“Acts of kindness are contagious and can make a difference in the lives that need it the most,” says Mayor Warren.

Are you ready to make Fontana the kindest city?

Families and residents of all ages are encouraged to participate and spread an act of kindness each day around the community. Look for a Kindness Station at your local recreation center or follow the Community Services Department Acts of Kindness List.

Share your kind act on social media using the hashtags #FontanaKindness and #FontanaKindnessChallenge. By using the hashtags, the City of Fontana will also share the post through its social media platforms. For those with private social media accounts, we recommend direct messaging the City your Fontana Kindness post.

This is a year-long initiative, but by doing this daily, we know that this will continue long after because actions become habits and habits become character. Let’s make Fontana the kindest city!

Acts of Kindness List