Development Advisory Board (DAB)

The Development Advisory Board (DAB) consists of representatives of all City departments and other agencies, such as the Fontana Water Company, West Valley Water District, San Bernardino County Hazardous Materials Division, and Fontana Unified School District.

The Board meets every Thursday at 9:00 a.m. to review development projects unless the meeting date falls on a holiday or if there are no items on the Agenda. The meeting is open to the public. Members of the public may request the DAB meeting agenda by e-mailing: If you would like to be added to our weekly notification emails, please send us your contact information to the same email listed above.

The DAB serves as a “one-stop-shop” for review of all development projects since all departments attend and provide comments on the projects. The developers and applicants are highly encouraged to attend the meetings. Comments are provided verbally during the meeting and a written comment letter is provided after the meeting.

The DAB reviews the projects for consistency with the general plan, zoning ordinance, and other policies and procedures established by the City Council and Planning Commission on development proposals. The DAB process is a critical step in the review process of all development applications, as it ensures quality design in the community. The focus of the review is on architectural design, site layout and circulation, building plotting, landscaping, Crime Prevention through Environmental Design implementation, and compatibility with the surrounding properties. The DAB also provides a technical review of the project to ensure that public improvements, emergency access and circulation, utilities, and landscaping in a public-right-of way are provided to serve the development and to contribute to the overall goals of the general plan which include aesthetic quality, economic development, improvement to the overall area, and provide jobs to the community.

2022 DAB Meeting Calendar (PDF)

For more information, please call the Planning Staff at (909) 350-6718.

  1. September - October 2022
  2. July - August 2022
  3. May - June 2022
  4. March - April 2022
  5. January - February 2022
  6. December 2021