Information and Referral Services

The Fontana Community Senior Center invites you to take part in our upcoming Health Fair!

The Health Fair invites local businesses and non-profit organizations to provide health screenings and disseminate health and wellness-related materials to the public. This event also allows the community to gain awareness and access to resources available to them.

The Fontana Community Senior Center is currently looking for vendors to provide information on health-related topics, offer free services and information to the Community and attendees at this year's Health Fair. This will not only contribute to the community but will also promote your business or service within the City of Fontana.

Event Details:

Date: Friday June 24, 2022 

Location: Fontana Community Senior Center Assembly Rooms (16710 Ceres Ave) 

Time: 11:30 AM - 2 PM

Fee: The event is open to the Public, Vendor Fee may apply. 

Vendor Application : Health Fair Vendor Application Form 2022 (PDF)

Event Flyer: Health Fair Flyer 2022 (PDF)

For more information about this event please call (909) 854-5193 or email us at 

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Senior center resource staff are available via phone Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm to provide information and referral for essential services, including adult and aging services, behavior and mental health services, in-home support services, and more. To receive information and referral services, please contact Fontana Community Senior Center staff at (909) 854-5193

Interested in becoming a center vendor? Please fill out our Vendor Application below and email the application to

Resource Programming Application (PDF)