Curbside Used Oil & Filter Collection


The Curbside Used Oil and Filter Recycling Program allows residents to recycle their motor oil up to 10 gallons per pick-up and filters without leaving their homes.


Oil Recycling Information Table

To participate, simply:

  1. Call (909) 350-6789 and make an appointment for a collection, or complete the online request form.
  2. On your message include your name, address, and phone number. You will be able to obtain a free oil recycling container and filter bucket from the City.
  3. Leave the city provided container of oil near the front door or garage of your house the day of the collection. Do not leave at curbside.
  4. Oil may not be mixed with any other fluids, solvents (ie; gasoline, antifreeze, brake fluids, parts cleaners etc.), paint, dirt or debris of any kind It must be pure used motor oil only, if it is to be recycled.

Certified Used Oil Recycling Collection Centers

For a listing of centers and their contact information, view Certified Used Oil Recycling Collection Centers.

Recycle Used Oil Logo

You can also recycle your used motor oil at any of the certified collection centers that bear the State’s “Recycle Used Oil” logo.