Real Property & Right of Way


Real Property / Right of Way Acquisition works in tandem with the Engineering, Planning, and Public Works Departments, as well as State and local agencies and other public entities, to obtain dedications of right of way and property for street widening and improvement projects.

These projects are essential to accommodate the growth of Fontana. Right of way acquisition will continue to focus on acquiring rights of way for major corridor projects as well as lower volume arterial roadways.

Right of Way Activities

The City’s Seven-Year Capital Improvement Program has identified future infrastructure needs and provided a blueprint for its development. In support of that program, the City’s right of way group provides the necessary professional assistance in acquiring the required land to construct those capital projects.

Real Property / Right of Way 

Real Property / Right of Way is responsible for providing centralized City owned property records in one resource center. Asset management includes a strategy to capitalize on City owned property for the purposes of advancing economic development opportunities through resale, reuse, and acquisition of parcels citywide.

For additional information, please contact Grace Martinez at (909) 350-6522 or the Administrative Section at (909) 350-6711.