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Police Department

  1. Abandoned Vehicles
  2. Commendation Form
  3. Complaint Form
  4. E.R.A.S.E Registration
  5. Neighborhood Watch Interest Form
  6. Report a Code Compliance Violation

    Filing Complaints With The Code Compliance Division

  7. Request Animal Services

    Form that allows reporting of animal issues

  8. Volunteer Form
  1. Citizen Academy Registration Form
  2. Commendation Form/ Forma de Mencion
  3. Complaint Form / Formulario de Queja para el Publico
  4. Emergency Yard Sale Permit
  5. Police Explorer Application

    Fontana Police Explorer Application

  6. Report Street Racing

    This form is for reporting non-emergency street racing or nuisance driving situations only. If you are encountering an emergency please... More…

  7. Vacation Patrol